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OdiseIA Webinars

Privacidad 360 - Un curso para entender y actuar sobre los riesgos y oportunidades de la privacidad

Privacidad 360 - Un curso para entender y actuar sobre los riesgos y oportunidades de la privacidad

Descubre las claves para gestionar con éxito la privacidad de los datos de tu organización de la mano de profesionales expertos de OdiseIA. 00:00 Introducción 06:12 La Esencia de la Privacidad - Fabián García Pastor 22:31Los Fundamentos de la Protección de Datos - Lorenzo Cotino 41:53 La Privacidad, la Inteligencia Artificial y la Ética - Juan Manuel Belloto 58:41 El Impacto de la Privacidad en los Robots - Ignacio G.R. Gavilán 1:10:33 Pitches sobre proyectos de Creación de Empresas de Privacidad 1:27:06 La Ingeniería de la Privacidad - Fabián García Pastor 1:38:44 El impacto de la protección de datos en la IA y en la Ética - Lorenzo Cotino 1:51:34 Principales recomendaciones sobre la Privacidad de Google, Microsoft, IBM y Telefónica - Juan Manuel Belloto 2:06:30 La aplicación de la Privacidad en el sector Telco - Ignacio G.R. Gavilán 2:20:34 Cierre de Privacidad 360 ¿Cumple tu organización con la normativa sobre privacidad de los datos? ¿Te gustaría poder explotar eficazmente los datos para mejorar el negocio de tu organización? Privacidad 360 proporciona una visión de 360° sobre el impacto de la privacidad en toda tu organización. Durante el curso... • se revisará el estado actual y las tendencias de futuro sobre privacidad. • Se presentarán las principales metodologías y herramientas que están siendo utilizadas por las compañías líderes. • Se presentarán casos reales que han sucedido y situaciones de futuro que pueden producirse. El enfoque es tanto en riesgos como en oportunidades.

Conferences and Podcasts

(Audio Version) Richard Benjamins: A Multi-Year Journey Toward Responsible Enterprise AI

(Audio Version) Richard Benjamins: A Multi-Year Journey Toward Responsible Enterprise AI

In this episode, Professor Kevin Werbach and Dr. Richard Benjamins, former Chief Responsible AI Officer at Telefónica, discuss Telefónica's journey towards responsible AI, corporate strategies to address these challenges, and Benjamins' views on generative AI and the European AI Act. They explore the role of the Responsible AI Champion in embedding ethical practices across business functions and discuss the dynamics of AI ethics committees, which vary from permission-based to problem-based frameworks. Their conversation highlights the scarcity of AI ethics expertise and the diverse requirements for ethical oversight depending on a company's AI integration level. Benjamins' insights significantly enhance understanding of the global AI regulatory landscape and its future implications. Dr. Richard Benjamins is a leading expert in responsible AI, previously serving as Chief Responsible AI Officer and Chief AI and Data Strategist at Telefónica. Recognized among the top 100 influential figures in data-driven business, he co-founded OdiseIA, an observatory focused on the ethical and social impacts of AI. His career highlights include being the Group Chief Data Officer at AXA and holding key roles at Telefónica, contributing extensively to Big Data and Analytics. Dr. Benjamins founded Telefónica's Big Data for Social Good department, showcasing his commitment to leveraging data for societal benefits. With an academic background in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, he has also been involved in academia and research across the globe. His advisory role at BigML underscores his dedication to making machine learning more accessible. His projects have ranged from environmental efforts like air quality measurement in Madrid to healthcare advancements during the pandemic, embodying his advocacy for responsible use of AI to address both current and future challenges in the field. The AI Way in Telefónica ( UNESCO Ethics of Artificial Intelligence ( Telefónica’s Approach to the Use of Responsible AI  ( From AI Principles to Responsible AI: Challenges ( EU AI Act (  

Press appearances

We actively work to promote the use of artificial intelligence, always taking into account ethics, responsibility and legislation. We look for practical solutions to achieve this goal.