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We publish a first position on Generative Artificial Intelligence

We published a first positioning of OdiseIA on Generative Artificial Intelligence in which, in addition to recognizing its great technical and economic contribution, we identified the associated social and ethical risks and provided a series of recommendations for its responsible use.

We have just published a document with a first positioning of OdiseIA on Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Given the enormous media visibility achieved by this technology after the launch of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, and given the undoubted impact that generative artificial intelligence is expected to have from now on and projected into the future on businesses, administrations and society At OdiseIA we have felt the need, following our mission, to carry out an analysis with a social and ethical perspective.

And the fruit of this analysis is this document in which, after a brief introduction to the nature and characteristics of generative artificial intelligence, we identify the main risks of a social, ethical and even legal nature, and we humbly provide some recommendations for its use. conscious and responsible, by legislative bodies, companies, administrations and ordinary citizens.

A dozen OdiseIA partners have participated in the preparation of this document.

We speak of a first positioning of OdiseIA because we foresee an evolution and probably new editions of this document, given the dynamism of this technology and its adoption. And, in fact, in the Autumn of this year, we plan to publish new contributions around this same topic.

In that sense, any feedback will be welcome.

You can find and download the document by following this link: download document

Ignacio GR Gavilán

Director of the Robots-People Relationship Area and Director of Operations at OdiseIA.

Ignacio GR Gavilán is an Industrial Engineer, MBA and PMP. He is Founder and CEO of Digital Reengineering. In addition, he is a professor, academic director and project mentor at the School of Industrial Organization and a collaborator at other universities and business schools such as OBS, European University or UNIR. Writer and lecturer, he is the author of “La Carrera Digital” (ExLibric 2019) and “Robots in the shadow” (Anaya Multimedia, 2021).



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